I have a long-term working relationship with TriFinance. Dating back 7 years now. The thing about working with TriFinance, is that they understand that if you want to stand out with your video, you have to do something different. So they're not shy of adding humour, experiment, combine animation and live footage, or even make a video where they throw their workers out of a plane.


Want a compelling motion graphic for you company?

2B4U (Too big for you?)

This Motion Graphic was commissioned by TriFinance as part of their recruitement campaign. Being a financial concultancy company, TriFinance wanted to emphasize their own way of doing things, in relation to the leading firms in the accounting an consultancy industry, nicknamed the 'Big 4'.

Management information & systems

This video was comissioned by MI&S, a subdepartment within TriFinance. Instead of a long animation on what MI&S does, why it's good for you company, etcetera, we kept in snappy and compact as '5 things you should kow about MI&S'.


TriFinance likes to put the employee in the picture. They are the best ambassadors a company could wish for. At TriFinance, they call them 'Me inc®' (which stands for Me Incorporated). In this film the "Me inc®'ers" were going to run the Marathon of Eindhoven. The film show their training, and talks about there values to always go the extra mile. Camerawork was done by acclaimed director of photography Hans Bruch Jr (Blue Bird).

Belgium vs The Netherlands vs Germany

This particular video is a nive example of how TriFinance encourages thinking out of the box. Because their branches in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany were going to work more closely together, they wanted to make some sort of a statistic overview between them. Since all of them are called 'Me inc®', I suggested we'd turn it in to an british antropological report about a new species that had been discovered on the European mainland.