Film producer Sieber asked for a cinematic trailer based in his logo. Luckily, Sieber has a great sense of humor. At the green key studio, we first went of the 'standard' bits: 'taking one step forward', 'looking cool', 'imagine this is where you always stand', etcetera. So afterwards we started playing: Let's pretend you fall down! Now pretend your really drunk and knock all imaginary letters over.

Two drafts were composed: one with the 'standing cool'-look, another one with the 'falling down' but. And it confirms the earlier statement: Sieber has a great sense of humor.

What did we do with the drunken version, you ask? A couple of months later the drunken version was added as a fun 'Happy Holidays' wish on social media. Sieber also asked to design a greeting card with this version as a small cartoon.