Red Light (Eyeworks Film & TV Drama / WBITVP)

Red Light is an upcoming drama series that will air on VTM (Belgium) and BNNVARA (The Netherlands). The series is produced by Eyeworks Film & TV Drama and Warner Bros International Television Production.

This Belgian/Dutch production boasts an amzing cast: Dutch actresses Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones, The Fifth Estate, Black Book), Halina Reijn (Blind, Obsession, Valkyrie) and the Belgian Maaike Neuville (Clan, Day, Flesh and Blood) and is about 3 women, each at a turning point in their lives, who get caught in a world of prostitution and human trafficking when one of their husbands disappears.

Shooting started in August and will finish up early February. Red Light is expected to air Fall 2020. This is my sixt Art Department collaboration with Stijn Verhoeven and it just keeps getting better and better!


Not much to show yet, but you can read up on the series on the following link: