Portraits in vacancy

A series of portraits about artists and starters who hire workspace through vacancy management. Vacant property management Prevenda sponsored these portraits. This organization aims to fill empty, abandoned buildings with new and creative blood. This way starters, pop-ups and all kinds of artist find their ways to buildings they could only dream of, at prices which allow to invest in their product and business. This portrait is about Ben Storms, a designer who currently specializes in furniture made out of rough building materials. 


Another portrait in the series focusses on 'Unfold', a design company that is building a solid reputation in advanced 3D printing techniques. They too found their way to vakant property management and landed at The Mostaardfabriek. A beautiful site at the heart of Borgerhout, which uses to be the base-of-operations for Showtex, a company that creates theatre curtains and backdrops. 

The motion design part of this project were the logo graphics at the end of each video.