Part Time Punks

The first music video of Part Time Punks, the solo project of Pascal Oorts (Mitzkov).

Go Ballistic! (feat. Matic Mouth) is about a generic Garden of Eden were the man tries to win the favor of the woman by collecting the only stimuli available: pink balls. Yet, when he realizes he has a male competitor, the fragile balance is lost and all things lose meaning.

This music video was co-directed with Toon Mertens. Dop: Peppijn Robben / With: Julien Neirynck, Floor Wyns & Lander Cornelis / Costumes by Marie Dries / Make-up by Ingvild Bauweraerts.

It premiered at HUMO

Slide the horizontal line left to right to get an exclusive inside look at the postproduction process.

1) In color grading the general atmosphere was tweaked, with focus on color harmony in background and subject. 2) Any hard highlights were reduced a notch, reducing the sense of artificial light on the scene. 3) Using tracking, the seams on the background -which was actually a 5m cloth I designed- had to be digitally removed.

Some behind the scenes photos, by photographer Sais Cortebeeck.

left to right: 1) For the project I designed a 5 meter wide modular background which was later cut into 3 pieced and printed on non-reflective decotex. This way the background could me remodeled to our needs. 2,3,4,5) 10.000 balls were used for this video. thanks to the molular background, we were able to box them in for 'ball bath'. During certain scenes it had to rain balls. So everyone on set had to throw them (and clean them up in between takes.) 6) promo shot by Sais Cortebeeck, with Toon Mertens, Pascal Oorts and me.