Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) / Adagio

Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Adagio can be a great client to work with. You feel they are passionate about their mission, they care and they allow a lot of creative freedom. Most of my work is for internal use only, but here a some videos.

Janssen Medical Cloud

JMC is an online platform aimed to inform care professionals worldwide. For the animation, I suggest a minimalist animation. I love going minimal! Because there's nothing minimal about it. It's all-in on thinking about how to build the story, and sound designing the animation.

The Patient voice in trial design

This motion graphic was commissioned by Adagio Agency for Janssen Pharmaceuta. I was included from the very start so I wrote the script and designed the whole animation. Only the main character was delivered because it appears in similar motion graphics, so the entire look and feel of the video, including aditional characters, had to match this look.