De Club van Siska (De Filistijnen, één)


'De Club' is a quiz show hosted by Belgian radio host Siska Schoeters and developed by De Filistijnen for the public network (één). So far, two seasons have aired.

I was in charge of photo-editing for all picture related rounds: retouching real ones, faking others, or composing new ones altogether, with an occasional sidetrack into illustration, especially in season 2.

Working with De Filistijnen is great. The team of De Club is fueled by love for what they do, lead by two captains (Bruno Wyndaele and Jes Van Gaever) who are just a joy to work with. It's hard to believe that I worked on all 35 aired episodes with a smile on my face, but I did.

Below are some of my personal highlights of the first two seasons.

De Club (c) vrt